Residential Services Provided by Comcare:

Day Services Provided by Comcare:

Residential Services Provided by Comcare

Residential Services

Comcare provides homes for individuals with developmental disabilities in Greeneville, Johnson City and Erwin, Tennessee.  These services are provided in ICF-MR group homes, Supported Living homes and Family Model homes.

The residents in all of our homes have a private bedroom that they can decorate as they choose.  At least one support staff is present in the home at all times to supervise and assist the residents as needed.

A typical day for individuals living in a Comcare home starts with the morning routine:  getting dressed, eating breakfast and completing grooming tasks.  During the week, the residents ride the van to the day program for work and activities.  After arriving home from the day program, it is time for the evening routine of snack, chores, outings, supper, bath and bed.

Community outings are a very important part of group home living.  Individuals choose (with staff support) to participate in a variety of the following activities:  grocery shopping, swimming at the pool, playing ball and walking in the gym, going out to eat, going to the park, shopping for clothes, going to church, participating in community events to attend and enjoy.

Comcare assures that all medical services as covered by TennCare are obtained for each individual, including assessments that are needed.

Residential support is provided 365 days a year.  Family contact, family visits and home visits are encouraged.

The residential programs allow people with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible with supports from Comcare.

               Click here to see pictures of residences and living arrangements.

Day Services Provided by Comcare

Facility and Community Based Day Services

Comcare provides a variety of day services for the people who live in our homes and to other individuals in the community.  These services, which are provided at the facility or in the community, are designed to provide them with a meaningful day.  Many of the people in our day program assemble piece work for a local industry.  This work is very rewarding because they can work at their own pace while being productive and earning a paycheck.  Other individuals spend their day at the program doing fine motor tasks, exercise, music and sensory activities and community outings.

Supported Employment

Twenty-five individuals have jobs in the community through the Supported Employment section of Comcare’s day program. Each person has a job coach who supports them to do their job. These individuals are employed at McDonalds, Tusculum College, the Rest Area on the interstate, Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, 4-H Camp, YMCA, Mama’s House, Fazolis and several cleaning jobs. Many of the individuals have held their job for more than 9 years. We are very proud of the accomplishments of people who have jobs in the community.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Comcare works with Vocational Rehabilitation to complete assessment and job training for individuals who would like to have a job in the community.