Employment - Associate Director Finance and Human Resources


Job Description:

Reports To:           Executive Director

Primary Function: To supervise all fiscal functions and personnel; to maintain financial records and reports in an acceptable and accountable manner; to ensure the continuity and efficiency of all agency business transactions.


1.         To provide training and supervision of all accounting personnel.

2.         To ensure that the agency collects all due revenues.

3.         To ensure that the agency meets payment schedules for all outstanding financial obligations. To verify and approve payment of accounts payable invoices.

4.         To keep all fiscal records and files in a manner to facilitate efficiency and accountability.

5.         To prepare financial reports required by funding agencies, auditors and other financial reports as may be required.

6.         To maintain an accurate inventory of fixed assets.

7.         With the Executive Director, to prepare budget proposals annually to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. To furnish fiscal information to the Executive Director and to the Board of Directors as required. To prepare monthly budget reports for all divisions.

8.         To reconcile receipts and note correct budget account for all expenditures and make deposits and to note correct budget account for all revenue.

9.         To maintain insurance information regarding coverage, rates, etc.

10.       To approve monthly payroll and see that appropriate fund transfers and tax deposits are made. To prepare quarterly tax and unemployment insurance reports. At the end of the fiscal year, to prepare and record all accounts payable and accounts receivable and to properly close all books. To oversee the preparation and distribution of W-2 and 1099.

11.       To oversee the reporting of staff information as required by the Affordable Care Act including preparation and distribution of 1095 forms.

12.       At the end of the fiscal year, to prepare and record all accounts payable and accounts receivable and to properly close all books for the fiscal year.

13.       To provide supervision of human resource personnel.

14.       To co-sign checks for the agency.

15.       To perform other duties as assigned.


B.S. Degree in Accounting or equivalent, and a minimum of five years experience in the field

Ability to be insured as a vehicle driver by agency’s insurance program.

A valid Tennessee Driver’s license.

Good knowledge of basic English sufficient to read instructions, keep records and write reports.

Successful completion of background and reference check.

Successful completion of a drug screen.

 Ability to perform the essential functions and activities of the job with or without reasonable accommodations.

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