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Families Speak


by Parents, Relatives, Conservators   2011


Without exception, our families and conservators rated Comcare’s services “Good” in the following areas:

Safety, Responding to emergencies, Providing appropriate medical care, Treating individuals with respect and dignity, Ensuring individual’s rights, Accounting for individual’s money & Providing nutritious meals.


Comcare scores well on the surveys conducted by state personnel, but the score that means the most to us is that our families have confidence in our services.


Here are some of the comments our families and conservators said about Comcare:

-Comcare provides a very good living environment and a very good day program.  Comcare has very pleasant and helpful staff.

- I am very pleased that my daughter has a good place like Comcare to live and be taken good care of.  I can see her or talk to her at any time.  The staff at work and at her home is very helpful.  I am glad we chose Comcare.  Thank you.

-Comcare provides consistency in care.  My sister is treated as a person and with dignity.

- My sister’s experiences have been much improved.  She has living conditions appropriate to her individual needs.

- I appreciate the attention to detail given daily.  The staff continue to do excellent work with a caring attitude.

-Comcare has provided my son the best care and respect.  He is very happy in his home and work environment.

-I cannot imagine my daughter’s life without Comcare.  Her needs are many and Comcare provides specialized programs to meet those needs every day in a positive and carrying way to ensure a quality and happy life for her.

-My son is much more social and has less anxiety.  He has the opportunity to attend community events with his housemates.

-Comcare not only provides a clean safe place for my daughter to live, but provides a home that she loves.  She likes visiting me, but Comcare has become her home.

-Comcare has been proven as a very caring agency and my son’s needs are important to the staff and management team.

-My sister has continued to improve throughout the years thanks to Comcare’s support.

-The staff at Comcare are wonderful.  Everyone has got such a great attitude.  They really treat individuals well and are respectful of their dignity.

-Comcare clients are thriving in the community.

-The staff who work with my brother seem to care a lot about him and are attentive to his actions and needs.

-Comcare provides a stable environment and routine that my niece needs.

-Comcare is an excellent caregiver for its clients’ health and training requirements.  It is the dedicated staff that makes the lives of the clients happy and able to achieve their full potential.

-Comcare has met the needs of my son’s changing health requirements.

-I appreciate the family atmosphere while ensuring the safety and welfare of the clients.

-My son is happy and enjoys his home and Comcare family.  He receives a program specifically designed to meet his needs and abilities.