Comcare, Inc. is a 501 c (3) non-profit corporation chartered in the State of Tennessee. Comcare has provided conservator services for people with mental health and mental retardation diagnoses since 1984

Comcare is the court appointed conservator for approximately 1000 people across the state The Comcare Conservator Program is implemented by 29 conservator representatives who live in, and serve people in, the east, middle and west regions of the state. It is directed by Dr. John Johnson, a Licensed Psychologist and Nationally Certified Guardian, who has 40 years of experience with the populations and who has worked with the Comcare Conservator Program since its inception. 

Comcare is a member of the Conservatorship Association of Tennessee (CAT), an organization dedicated to improving the quality of guardian/conservator services in Tennessee.

Many of the people served by the Comcare Conservator Program are served through a contract with the State of Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disablilities. Comcare is asked to serve only when there is no family or friend willing and qualified to serve. Under this program no costs are borne by the ward. Comcare agrees to serve the ward after reviewing his/her written profile supplied by the State.

The Clients served by Comcare are indigent and usually only receive Social Security funds which are administered by a Representative Payee under Social Security guidelines. Comcare only consents to serve as a limited conservator for very specific purposes (primarily medically related) and does not agree to serve as conservator over the estate.

Once the Order is entered appointing Comcare as Limited Conservator, Dr. Johnson appoints a Conservator Representative. He considers a number of factors in making this appointment including caseload, geographic proximity, the risk characteristics of the ward, provider/institutional placement and abilities/experience of the Representative. It is unlikely that the Representative will have any personal familiarity with the ward prior to appointment, but will be expected to be able to act professionally for the ward soon after Comcare is appointed. Comcare representatives must make decisions within a complex state and federal system of laws, regulations and federal court orders. They must be professionals well versed in these systems in order to act on behalf of the ward.

Comcare representatives all have bachelor’s degrees in related fields and several have master’s degrees. All have experience in the mental health/mental retardation field. In addition, some are Nationally Certified Guardians recognized by the National Center for Guardian Certification. Comcare provides annual training and written procedures and protocols. Coverage is provided for each representative in the event of an emergency so decisions can be made on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis. Non routine and controversial issues are decided with input from Dr. Johnson and legal counsel, both of whom are Nationally Certified Guardians.

Referrals for conservatorship services for people receiving services through the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities may be made by following the procedures on the DIDD website:

Comcare also administers Special Needs Trusts.

For further information about conservator services or special needs trusts contact